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Day 1: Wednesday - November 22

Time Program Venue
16:00-18:00 Welcoming Reception & Registration Room 1, 4F, Haeundae Centum Hotel

Day 2: Thursday - November 23

09:00-10:00 Registration
10:00-10:20 Opening Ceremony (Room 214-217) - Welcoming remark: In S. Kim (IDW 2017 Chairman, President of KDPA)
- Congratulatory remark: MOLIT
Busan City
10:20-10:30 Special Ceremony of Appreciation
Miriam Balaban

Secretary General of European Desalination Society
10:30-12:30 Plenary lecture 1: “Super RO-Desalination Nexus”, Avi Efraty (Israel)
Plenary lecture 2: “Engineering Flows in Nanostructured Materials:
From Graphene Membranes to Xylem filters”
, Rohit Karnik (USA)
12:30-12:40 Photo Time
12:40-13:30 Lunch and Poster Set-up (Robby, 13:30 ~ 15:00)
Session Session A (Room 214-215)
Thermal & Membrane Desalination Processes
Session B (Room 216-217)
Emerging Desalination Technologies
Chairs : Saravanamuthu Vigneswaran, Sanghyun Kim Chairs : Kim Choon Ng, Hyungkeun Roh
13:30-13:55 (Keynote) Continuous efforts to secure water, cost-effectively
Ahmad Al-Amoudi (KSA)
(Invited Speaker) A novel approach for efficiency evaluation of future sustainable desalination
Kim Choon Ng (KSA)
13:55-14:15 (A-1)
Membrane system integration with thermal cycle to achieve maximum recovery and energy efficiency

Muhammad Wakil Shahzad (KSA)
Muhammad Burhan, Yogesh B. Singh, Kim Choon Ng
Transport mechanism of water and solvent vapor in GO membrane

Chang-Min Kim (Korea)
Euntae Yang, Jun-ho Song, In S. Kim
14:15-14:35 (A-2)
Removal of boron from seawater by thermal evaporation and air-gap membrane distillation: Effect of temperature and operating conditions

A. Alpatova (KSA)
A. Alsaadi, N. Ghaffour
Aquaporin-based biomimetic reverse osmosis membranes: Comparison of flat sheet and hollow fiber configurations for desalination

Wangxi Fang (Singapore)
Saren Qi, Rong Wang
14:35-14:55 (A-3)
Irreversibility of a 15 MIGD multi-effect with thermal vapor compressor desalination plant

Seungwon Ihm (Korea)
Osman A. Hamed, Sungwoo Woo
Evaluation of desalinated ice produced from freeze desalination

Hyein Shin (Korea)
Am Jang
14:55-15:15 (A-4)
Monitoring the fouling in direct contact membrane distillation

Luca Fortunato (KSA)
Yongsun Jang, Jung-Gil Lee, Sanghyun Jeong, Sangho Lee, TorOve Leiknes, Noreddine Ghaffour
Synergetic impact on hybridization of multi-effect distillation and adsorption desalination (MEDAD) in low temperature

Hyuk Soo SON (KSA)
Muhammad Wakil SHAHZAD, Kim Choon NG
15:15-15:45 Poster Session (Lobby) and Coffee Break
Session Session C (Room 214-215)
Hybrid Desalination
Processes Session D (Room 216-217)
Membrane Fouling
Chairs : Enrico Drioli, Suhan Kim Chairs : Ahmad Al-Amoudi, Am Jang
15:45-16:10 (Keynote) New integrated membrane operations in desalination
Enrico Drioli (Italy)
(Keynote) Prediction and prevention of biofouling of reverse osmosis membrane systems
Johannes S. Vrouwenvelder (KSA)
16:10-16:30 (Invited speaker) Fractional-submerged membrane distillation integrated with crystallization (F-MDC) for reverse osmosis concentrate treatment and resource recovery
Saravanamuthu Vigneswaran (Australia)
Developing a novel fouling model based on deep learning image process

Sanghun Park (Korea)
Sang Soo Baek, Jongkwan Park, Kyung Hwa Cho
16:30-16:50 (C-1)
Scale-up assessment and mass balance for FO and RO hybrid system using different FO element types

Sung-Ju Im (Korea)
Sanghyun Jeong, Am Jang
Interactions between bacterial motility behavior and conditioning films on membrane systems for water production

Lan Hee Kim (KSA)
Szilard S. Bucs, Johannes S. Vrouwenvelder
16:50-17:10 (C-2)
Pressure-retarded osmosis for osmotic power harvesting: Preliminary study for pilot-scale operation using Singapore’s NEWater and seawater brines

Yunfeng Chen (Singapore)
Lizhi Zhang, Chun Heng Loh, Rong Wang
Effects of light exposure on ROS production and antimicrobial property of graphene-based membranes

Abayomi Babatunde Alayande (Korea)
Euntae Yang, Chang-Min Kim, Hye-Weon Yu, In S. Kim
17:10-17:30 (C-3)
Availability and reliability analysis of integrated reverse osmosis-forward osmosis desalination network

Usman Safder (Korea)
Pouya Ifaei, Jouan Rashidi, ChangKyoo Yoo
PVDF-SWCNT nanocomposite membranes for the adsorptive removal of organic micropollutants

Musthafa O. Mavukkandy (UAE)
Qammer Zaib, Hassan A. Arafat
17:30-17:50 Poster Session (Lobby)
17:50-18:50 Special Forum 1: Seawater Reuse or Wastewater Reuse? (Room 214-215)
Moderator : Prof. Jeonghwan Kim & Prof. Chuyang Tang

Day 3: Friday - November 24

Session Session E (Room 214-215)
Forward Osmosis Ⅰ
Session F (Room 216-217)
Reverse Osmosis Ⅰ
Chairs : Seungkwan Hong, Ho Kyong Shon Chairs : Avi Efraty, Seoktae Kang
08:30-08:55 (Keynote) Forward osmosis enabled solutions for industrial wastewater treatment
MaryTheresa Pendergast (USA)
(Keynote) Engineering membranes for the removal of micro-pollutants
Chuyang Y. Tang (Hongkong)
08:55-09:15 (E-1)
Synthesis and characterization of TFC-FO supported by SiO2 NPs incorporated PVDF electrospun nanofiber

M. Obaid (Korea)
Olfat A. Fadali, Euntae Yang, Abayomi Babatunde Alayande, In S. Kim
Modular design reverse osmosis system for higher energy efficiency with positive displacement pump and energy recovery device

Subramaniam Vijyakumar (Malaysia)
G. Al-Nuwaibit, M. Safar, M. Rughaib, A. Al-Mesri
09:15-09:35 (E-2)
Sulfur-containing air pollutants as draw solution for fertilizer drawn forward osmosis process for fertigation: Water-energy-food nexus technology

Van Huy Tran (Australia)
Sherub Phuntsho, Dong Suk Han, Ahmed Abdel-Wahab, Hyunwoong Park, Ho Kyong Shon
Reliability of reverse osmosis system projection programs

Jaehak Jung (Korea)
Minseok Kim, Noori Kim, Kyungsub Kwak, Suhan Kim
09:35-09:55 (E-3)
Water flux, reverse solute flux and cost analysis of commercial food additives as draw solute for forward osmosis process

Seungheon Yang (Korea)
Seungkwan Hong, Seockheon Lee
Effect of 3D printed triply periodic minimal surface (TPMS) feed spacers on flux and fouling in ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis

Nurshaun Sreedhar (UAE)
Navya Thomas, Oraib Al-Ketan, Reza Rowshan, Hector Hernandez, Rashid K. Abu Al-Rub, Hassan Arafat
09:55-10:15 (E-4)
Performance of FO Membranes under Null-pressure Condition: Do Hydraulic and Osmotic Pressures Have Identical Nature?

Seungho Kook (Korea)
Chivukula Durga Swetha, Jangho Lee, Chulmin Lee, In S. Kim
New concept to characterize seawater quality for RO plant design and operation

Kwanghee Shin (Korea)
Hyunsung Choi, Seungwon Ihm, Ridha B. Manour, Ali A. Aithan, A. Mohammed Farooque, Ahmed S. Al-Amoudi
10:15-10:35 Break and Poster Session (Lobby)
Session Session G (Room 214-215)
Forward Osmosis Ⅱ
Session H (Room 216-217)
Reverse Osmosis Ⅱ
Chairs : MaryTheresa Pendergast, Sangho Lee Chairs :Masaru Kurihara, Johannes S. Vrouwenvelder
10:35-11:00 (Keynote) Practical considerations for operability and forward osmosis system analysis of an 8 spiral wound forward osmosis module
Ho Kyong Shon (Australia)
(Keynote) Seawater desalination: Present and future
Seung-Hyun Kim (Korea)
11:00-11:20 (G-1)
Response surface methodology for optimization of chemical cleaning conditions of reverse osmosis membrane process in forward osmosis testing set-up

Pattarasiri Fagkaew (Korea)
Daeseon Park, Youngkun Chung, Duksoo Jang, Seoktae Kang
Power, cooling and fresh water cogeneration using Kalina cycle and reverse osmosis system
Jouan Rashidi (Korea)
Usman Safder, ChangKyoo Yoo
11:20-11:40 (G-2)
Impact of permeate flux on biofilm development I n forward osmosis membrane systems

Szilard Bucs (KSA)
Lan Hee Kim, Rodrigo Valladares Linares, Johannes Vrouwenvelder
Role of humic substances in the inhibition of CaCO3 scaling in a reverse osmosis system treating anaerobic groundwater

Mangal M.N. (Netherlands)
Salinas-Rodriguez S.G., Blankert B., Schippers J.C.,van der Meer W.G.J., Kennedy M.D.
11:40-12:00 (G-3)
Factors affecting rejection of contaminants of emerging concern in osmotically-driven membrane process

Duksoo Jang (Korea)
Seoktae Kang
Reverse osmosis desalination in Australia: Sustainable concentrate treatment and resource recovery

Gayathri Naidu (Australia)
Youngkwon Choi, Sanghyun Jeong, Saravanamuthu Vigneswaran
12:00-12:20 (G-4)
Simultaneous nutrients recovery and osmotic concentration of source-separated urine via fertilizer drawn forward osmosis

Federico Volpin (Australia)
Laura Chekli, Sherub Phuntsho, Jaeweon Cho,
Ho Kyong Shon
A new single-pass reverse osmosis (RO) design for high-quality product

Jungbin Kim (Korea)
Seungkwan Hong
12:20-13:20 Lunch and Poster Session (Lobby)
Session Session I (Room 214-215)
Membrane Distillation Ⅰ
Session J (Room 216-217)
Reverse Osmosis Ⅲ
Chairs : Seung-Hyun Kim, Long Nghiem Chairs : Hideto Matsuyama, Chuyang Tang
13:20-13:45 (Keynote) Fifty four years of global membrane distillation research: Trends, breakthroughs and alignment with industry
Hassan A. Arafat (UAE)
(Keynote) Are the osmosis membranes going forward?
Seungkwan Hong (Korea)
13:45-14:05 (I-1)
Comparison of physical cleaning techniques for membrane distillation: Temperature reversal, air sparing, and ultrafiltration

Jihyeok Choi (Korea)
Yongjun Choi, Sangho Lee
Improving energy efficiency of a seawater reverse osmosis plant in Gijang, Busan, Korea

Yeonghyeok Kim (Korea)
Seungwon Ihm, Sungwoo Woo
14:05-14:25 (I-2)
Calcium sulfate scaling in direct contact membrane distillation

Jung-Gil Lee (KSA)
Yongsun Jang, Luca Fortunato, Sanghyun Jeong, Sangho Lee, TorOve Leiknes, Noreddine Ghaffour
Development of decision support framework for assessing the sustainability of different seawater desalination technologies: United Arab Emirates case study

Yazan M. Ibrahim (UAE)
Hassan A. Arafat, Faisal A. AlMarzooqi
14:25-14:45 (I-3)
Application of membrane distillation in the management of thermal effluents from power plants

Youngkyu Park (Korea)
Youngjun Choi, Sangho Lee
Feasibility evaluation of utilizing alternative water resources to supply industrial water in Daesan industrial complex

Jihye Kim (Korea)
Kyunghyuk Lee, Youngjoo Lee, Jaelim Lim
14:45-15:05 (I-4)
Synthesis of blend PVDF-magnetite membranes for applications in membrane distillation

Taofeeqah A. Agbaje (UAE)
Samer Al-Gharabli, Joanna Kujawa, Hassan A. Arafat
Review of issues and designs for outfall brine discharge of sea water reverse osmosis plants

Marc Petry (Korea)
Kim Sang Hyun, Oh Ji Hyun, Kim Sun Kyu,
15:05-15:25 Poster Session (Robby) and Coffee Break
Session Session K (Room 214-215)
Membrane Distillation Ⅱ
Session L (Room 216-217)
Pretreatment Processes in Desalination
Chairs : Hassan A. Arafat, Jeonghwan Kim Chairs : Rohit Karnik, Jinsik Sohn
15:25-15:50 (Keynote) Strategic membrane distillation applications for low carbon desalination and brine mining
Long Nghiem (Australia)
(Keynote) Development of water channel membrane for desalintion
Hideto Matsuyama (Japan)
15:50-16:10 (K-1) Can 3D printing be the next big thing for spacer design in membrane distillation?
Navya Thomas (UAE)
Nurshaun Sreedhar, Oraib Al-Ketan, Reza Rowshan, Rashid K. Abu Al-Rub, Hassan A. Arafat
(L-1) Evaluation of various pretreatment scenarios for AOM removal from RO feed water using dual media filtration and dissolved air floatation
Mohammed A. Namazi (KSA)
S. Assiyeh A. Tabatabai, Gary L. Amy, Noreddine Ghaffour
16:10-16:30 (K-2) Toward zero liquid discharge in shale gas produced water treatment
Hyeongrak Cha (Korea)
Younghoon Ko, Yongjun Choi, Sangho Lee
(L-2) Hybrid water treatment process of alumina ultrafiltration and PP beads with air back-flushing and UV irradiation: Effect of organic, inorganic materials and pH
Ji Eun Kim (Korea)
Soojung Lee, Jin Yong Park
16:30-16:50 (K-3) Electrospun nanofibrous polystyrene membrane for seawater desalination using direct contact membrane distillation
Mohammad Mahdi A. Shirazi (Iran)
Amirhossein Sadeghzadeh,Saeed Bazgir
(L-3) Ultrafiltration with granular activated carbon as a pretreatment to seawater industrial cooling towers for biofouling control
Mohammed Al-Bloushi (KSA)
Sanghyun Jeong, TorOve Leiknes
16:50-17:10 (K-4) A feasibility study of a new process pressure retarded membrane distillation (PRMD) for simultaneous production of water and electricity
Kiho Park (Korea)
Do Yeon Kim, Dae Ryook Yang
17:10-17:30 Break (Removal of posters : 17:30 ~ 18:00)
17:30-18:30 Special Forum 2: Electro-based Desalination and Water Purification (Room 214-215)
Moderator : Prof. Hokyoung Shon
18:30-19:00 Move to the Haeundae Centum hotel for banquet
19:00- Banquet (Awards/Performance/Dinner), Grand Hall, 4F, Haeundae Centum Hotel

Day 4: Saturday - November 25

08:30-12:20 Technical and Sightseeing Tour (If not optimum participants, tour will be cancelled)
Itinerary ▣ Schedule

09:00-10:00 (60’)
10:00-11:10 (70’)
11:10-12:00 (50’)
12:00-12:20 (20’)
Departure from the Haeundae Centum Hotel
Arrival to “Seawater Desalination Plant in Gijang”
Field trip
Move to “Fisheries Science Museum” & Sightseeing
Move to “Haedong Yonggung Temple” & Sightseeing
Arrival at the Centum Hotel
* The schedule is subject to change.
* It is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
* It is only for the IDW registrants and the cost is included in the IDW registration fee.
* Please register on the IDW homepage if you would like to join this technical tour.